A Grateful Perspective

About Me

Janet Neal is passionate about work/life balance because she has to be.  As a single mother of three independent souls, an entrepreneur, a writer, a coach, a speaker and friend to many, Ms. Neal faces the same joys and frustrations many in her readership do on a daily basis.  Ms. Neal not only brings this experience and passion to her writings, but solutions and inspiration as well. 

Trained initially as an educator, Ms. Neal brought these skills to her successful careers in sales, marketing, training, and coaching. Ms. Neal spent 19 years at IBM, holding a variety of sales and marketing positions there, as well as spearheading quality and work/life balance initiatives. She left IBM to become Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at a small start-up services company before launching her own training, coaching and consulting business, Productivity Resource Group, in 2002. Ms. Neal utilizes her experiences in these ventures today as an inspirational and motivational speaker, with clients ranging from IBM, Kraft Foods, The State of California, and Microsoft Corporation and as a contributing writer to numerous publications and on Writing from the Heart on Sirius radio.  She was a featured speaker at Working Mother Mediaís Work/Life Congress 2007 and at the New Jersey Governorís Conference on Women 2008.

In 2007, Ms Neal founded The Professional Women's Center to address the needs she saw while facilitating women's networking groups: a desire on the part of women to connect and no facility designed to allow it. Her work continues today through her writing, her coaching, her speaking engagements, and her position at Above & Beyond, helping small business owners find the resources they need to become successful.

Ms. Neal graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Education from Central Michigan University and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica, as well as completing coursework at The University of Vermont and Harvard Business School. She is a certified Life and Empowerment Coach, receiving training through iPEC Coaching. Ms. Neal enjoys family activities, travel, writing, and personal growth activities.