A Grateful Perspective

Welcome to A Grateful Perspective!

It began with Dr. Deeb.  For some reason, I thought about my elementary school principal and how she took special care to make sure my talents were utilized and encouraged.  I realized that I would love to write her a note and tell her how much that meant to me.  And then I started thinking about other people who have touched my life - some profoundly, and some subtly.  Some I'd been close to and some I had never met.  And I wanted a way to express my gratitude.  And so A Grateful Perspective was born!

I commissioned notecards from my friend Susan Krien of Happenstance Creationsand started making a list of 365 people I am grateful for.  And for one full year I will write thank you notes to someone.  I just may blog about it as I go, as I am sure there will be interesting occurrences along the way.  

Join me in my journey of gratitude!  Share your stories as well!  Spread the LOVE!!!